Some tech advice for phone/laptop users. Hope you find it useful.

Charge you phone in more effective way and make your battery last longer.

  •  Avoid full cycle (zero to full) and overnight charging. Instead, top-up your phone more regularly with partial charges.
  • Ending a charge at 80 percent is better for the battery than topping all the way up to 100 percent.
  • Use fast charging technologies sparingly and never overnight.
  • Heat is the battery killer. Don’t cover your phone when charging and keep it out of hot places.
  • Turn your phone off when charging, or at least don’t play games or watch videos to avoid mini-cycles.
  • Use only genuine chargers or at least highest quality aftermarket ones available (that have all safety certificates)


Liquid Damage.

  • Phone/Device has to be taken apart ASAP, then disconnected from the battery and properly cleaned.
  • Do not try to turn it on or charge it if you are unsure. By doing so you can only short circuit components inside the device.
  • Rice or silica will not fix the device. Only do this if accident has happened late at night and there is no availability to take it to repair shop.

Buying second hand device?

  • Try to buy device with original box (e.g. phones/tablets with original box tend to be from genuine sellers and not from people that simply re-sell and don’t know about that device any history).
  • Always ask if device been repaired before (e.g. I have had many people asking for cheapest iphone screen replacement because they want to sell the device. Cheap screen looks new but performs bad – poor colours resolution, poor touch sensitivity).
  • You want that device to have all original parts (remember – second hand original part is way better that mint looking aftermarket part).