1.0 How do I start with repair I need?

First, give us a call or fill in quick quote form in order to understand repair costs, how long it will take to perform it, and when can we do it. Our contact number is 01908 753111, quick quote form can be found here. Please note we operate by appointments only.

2.0 How can I get my device to you?

There are several ways to get your device here:

3.0 What are opening hours?

We operate Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm. Please note we work by appointments only, so you must to contact us in order to book a slot for you.

4.0 Do I need to pay in advance?

No. You pay in full only when repair is complete.

5.0 What are payment options?

You can pay by cash, card (most debit/credit cards accepted apart from AmEx), Bank transfer (Bank transfer must be done before collecting device).

6.0 How long does it take to repair my device?

This depends on your issue. Phone part replacement can be 30 mins to 3 hour job, computer, tablet, laptop issues to repair might take longer and depends on parts availability. Please always ask turnaround time when contacting us.

7.0 Can I wait whilst you repair my device?

Yes sure you can always wait in reception area whilst repair is being done.

8.0 Will you delete my personal files?

We have never deleted or lost any files from devices we repaired. It is though highly recommended to back up your device prior bringing your device in for a repair. I have to note here that none of repair shops including us will take responsibility of data loss.

 9.0 Do you give warranty on repair?

Yes we always provide with warranty on replacement parts and work. Length depends on part quality and type of repair, for example iPhone screen replacement can have 6-18 months warranty, battery and charging ports have 3 months warranty etc etc.. We always mention warranty length when we give you a quote. Please note, that warranty is not insurance and does not cover physical or liquid damage. If in doubt always ask.

10.0 Your quote has aftermarket and original (OEM) iPhone screen prices, what is the difference between these?

Main difference between original OEM and aftermarket screens (for phones and tablets):

OEM meaning (Original Equipment Manufacturer), it is the same quality as the one found inside your phone already and includes features such as Retina display and Oleophobic fingerprint resistive coating. Refurbished OEM has genuine internal parts such as LCD and cabling but might have front glass refurbished so it looks as new again.

Aftermarket screen replacement is usually chosen if device is being traded in, or device is being used by kids. Otherwise, if customers plan to keep the device, they usually choose best quality replacement part.